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Helpful Produce Storage Tips

We love hearing the enthusiasm from our customers when they receive their Box of Good! We often hear: “It’s like Christmas and feels like opening a gift of health!” Some people tell us they eat more nutritiously when they get a box delivered, and their kids will even try new things! Customers appreciate that we take the guesswork out of finding high quality, organic, in season produce, and love the convenience of having it delivered right to their door! 

We want our customers to carry out that excitement throughout the week, while they use their fresh produce! So, it’s important to know how to best store your produce and how to plan to use it.  This week we’re including a link to our Helpful Produce Storage Tips.  We’ve found a few storage bags that we love, so we’ve made them available to our customers.  We now offer organic cotton produce storage bags as well as biodegradable produce bags.  Both are great, environmentally friendly, options for keeping your produce fresh longer.   

We’d like to also mention that, in order to increase longevity of your produce, it’s important that you unpack your box shortly after receiving it.  Don’t let it sit on the counter for an extended period of time.  As you unpack your items, assess what items should be used early in the week, and which items have a longer shelf life.  For example, oranges will last longer than berries, so plan to use the berries first.  Tender greens will not last as long as broccoli, so plan to use the greens earlier in the week.  Check your fruit for its readiness.  Ripe fruit can usually go in the fridge to slow down the process or, if fruit is unripe, you’ll want to set it on the counter.  Some items like carrot s, broccoli, or cauliflower can easily be cut up and stored in a sealed container making them easy to use raw as a snack, or to make a quick side dish.  Greens store well in the organic cloth bags and can be washed ahead of time but must be thoroughly dried before storing. If using biodegradable plastic bags for greens, wrap them in a paper towel before placing in the bag.  Proper attention and storage of your fresh produce will keep you enthusiastic about eating healthy from your Box of Good

Be sure to check out our Produce Storage Tips link below for helpful information about specific items!

Or click the storage link at the top of the homepage.

-Tristan and Joelle Klesick