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A Leafy Green Cookbook

TKE_CoverOption2-500x500Experience The Kale Effect! Eat Your Greens.
Increasing your servings of vegetables does not have to be an elusive mystery. Get ready for this cookbook to change how you shop, cook, eat, and live your life.
Co-written by one of our own KFF customers, Christina Bandaragoda, Ph.D. and by Emily Miranda, LCSW, this delightful cookbook is not only fun to read, but will have you dishing up your dark leafy greens in some of the tastiest recipes ever! Softcover, 81 pages, full color photos of all recipes; includes tips on how What’s for Dinner can be made Heroic.
The Kale Effect (noun)-  an immediate, and observable*,  autonomic nervous system response to the absorption of  the vitamins and minerals in nutrient rich kale. Symptoms may include uncontrollable smiling, laughing, and jumping up and down in the kitchen. *This reaction has been most reliably noted in children under the age of 10.

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