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A Wave of Good

Many of you know that Klesick Family Farm loves being involved in good! We have our Neighbor Helping Neighbor food bank program, our Thanksgiving donation boxes and our Christmas blessing boxes where we partner with you to make a difference here locally.  I have been considering an international outreach program, sort of a live locally and bless globally focus, if you will.  We have considered drilling wells in Africa or planting trees in Ethiopia or donating farm animals.  As I have been surveying the damage in Japan and having recently toured the nuclear plant at Hanford, it all came together.  I decided to send a Wave of Good to Japan and bless our neighbors there!

Once I got the idea, I called a few of our grocery suppliers and asked them to participate and they all agreed. So with the help of Scott & Renee of Breadfarm, Gary & Lori of Middleton Organic Specialty Foods, Paul & Judy of Sweet Creek Foods, and Jerry & Barbara of Oils of Paicines, Klesick Family Farm is going to donate 20% of our sales from these products from now until April 29th to World Vision USA – Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief Fund.  I am so excited to partner with these suppliers to help others.

What You Can Do: Join us in sending a Wave of Good by purchasing products from the above mentioned vendors (look for products denoted with an *asterisk). Not only will you be contributing toward World Vision’s relief efforts in Japan, but you will also be enjoying great products from some great companies. You can also make a donation directly to “A Wave of Good” in the “Unclassified” section (at the bottom) on the Grocery page of our website and we will include that in our donation to World Vision.