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Ahhh…the smell of fresh coffee!

I love the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. As it percolates and fills the air of my kitchen this morning, I’m reminded of my recent visit to Camano Island Coffee Roasters. I’ve been to the roaster many times before, but this time was different. Just recently, CICR had a research company conduct a study on coffee. This research uncovered some astounding things. I thought to myself, “Why not share some of these insights with the Klesick Family Farm community?”

One of the first things I learned was that coffee is one of the most absorbent crops on the planet. Pesticides used on food today are carcinogenic. Because of the carcinogenic nature of pesticides and coffee’s high absorbency, organic coffee is essential to protecting our health.
Second, modern coffee farming techniques have led to damaging levels of acidity and caffeine in your coffee. If you have experienced heartburn, acid reflux, or stomach pain after drinking coffee, then you need shade-grown coffee. Shade-grown coffee grows much slower than modern sun-grown coffee farming, and develops much less acidity and caffeine — no more stomach ache!
Third, over-roasted or burnt coffee results in high levels of carcinogens. An astounding study conducted by the FDA found the levels of Acrylamide, a known carcinogen, to be 50 times higher than the EPA’s safety standard for drinking water.
Lastly, most grocery store coffee is stale and moldy. Why? Because of the logistics of distribution and time spent on the grocery store shelf. In fact, studies have found Ochratoxin, a toxin produced by mold, in grocery store coffee. It’s a common industry standard that most grocery store coffee has been sitting for at least 3 months before you buy. How can you know this? Check the roast-on-date on the bag.
Because of these reasons, and the fact that I love the flavor, we only offer Camano Island Coffee. Today, I am pleased to announce that we have come to a special agreement with Camano Island Coffee Roasters. We will now carry 2 lb. bags of coffee for $25.95. This is the direct from the roaster rate, and since we’ll deliver it with your box you save on shipping charges. Just let us know how often you need it: weekly, bi-weekly, etc. This saves you $1.94 over 1 lb. bags. You’re going to buy coffee anyway, so why not let us save you some time and money, and put some freshly roasted organic coffee from a local company in your box. 
Your farmer and partner in good health,