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All You Get is 24 Hours!

That’s it, but it sure feels like more. It is more…productive hours. Our bodies adjust to the extra energy coming from the increased day length and we get more done. Or different things done, anyway. Now is the time to banish social media, cable, and electronics, and embrace Spring. There is so much to do and before you know it… well let’s not go there yet.  

Taking advantage of beautiful weather is such a gift. The warmth, the sunshine, and the outdoor chores! Now it is time to mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, add the compost, mow the lawn, go on a hike. Oh! I forgot sleeping and eating! We will need those two elements to maintain our strength. 

This time of year, eating outside is the best! less mess, and you are outside. We tend to gravitate towards salads and fruit. Eating raw veggies and fruit is so simple and can be a great strategy to maintain your health. Also, eating fruit and veggies is really good for our bodies, and eliminates a lot of packaging. Sadly, the packaging companies are the winners of the time crunch we experience during the nice weather, since many folks go for convenience and, convenience often means less healthy and more packaging.

The beautiful thing about our service is that you can tailor your order to your preferences. You can shift to veggie boxes or fruit boxes. You can add additional fruit or veggies to meet your families changing schedules and taste. You can even call us a few days before your delivery, and we will help you place an order. 

We have several families that routinely check in with our office team to add additional items to their order. If that sounds like something you might like, please don’t hesitate, call us and we will help you. Serving you and helping you reach your health goals is a privilege for us.  

Tis The Season

The first round of Super Sugar snap peas is in the ground! And the second round, which was our first round, is still in the greenhouse. But those transplants will be ready in a week or two to go in the ground. With this nice weather, we decided to direct seed an extra crop of peas. If things go well, we will have some, big, fat, juicy peas in early June. Peas have to be the most heralded crop of the spring. Carrots are awesome, cucumbers are incredible, but peas have such a short window that when they are ready for harvest, it is as if time stands still and everything magnificent is encapsulated in a little green pod full of sweetness!