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At some point a line was crossed

The events of last week have to do with a breakdown of civilization. The Boston Marathon bombing was cold, calculating and horrific. This is the worst of mankind and it was on display. The hearts of these young men were so hardened that they had become numb to the preciousness of life.

Those two men had choices, several choices, before they left those crock pot bombs in the middle of innocent crowds. Normal people, just like us, gathering to see their loved ones accomplish an amazing thing. And to have the dreams and lives of innocent people shattered by this hatred and act of cowardice was deploring.

Sadly, this type of cowardice is on display all over the world and all too frequently. But every man, woman and child, every lawmaker, car mechanic or housewife has choices too. But at some point, these young men crossed over the line of decency and moved from disrespect to anger to murder, cold and merciless murder, perpetrated on the innocent. Not that it would be any less heinous to go after individuals in the law enforcement ranks or in the armed services, but at least these individuals are trained to defend themselves.

These two young men, and many more in our society, have lost respect for human life and probably all life including their own. This is a huge issue for America and the world. Sadly, many people are no longer able or willing to have a civil discussion about anything.  And the basic tenant, that individuals have rights and their lives are important, is taking a back seat to our “opinions or world views” and thus making life less valuable or unnecessary.

As the events unfolded, I found myself grieving for the families and the community of Boston. This was such a senseless act, but when does evil ever make sense? And as the days progressed and the manhunt continued, I was grieving also for those young men. I wanted them to turn themselves in and for the carnage to stop. Yes, I wanted justice, but not revenge.

More killing is not the answer, but giving those two young men a chance to face their evil, experience the penalty for their actions, and be remorse for the senselessness of their actions.

As we know now, one has had to answer to Jesus immediately, and the other will have a chance to be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. And the lives of those directly impacted by the blasts, the very lives of those innocent will also need a chance to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There is no hope in hate, only in respect, but it is a respect that says an individual’s life is important. For this reason alone, acts of violence or murder are wrong. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what country you live in or even what religion or belief system you follow. Your life is important because you are a human being created in the image of God.