Is "EAT BETTER" at the top of you never-ending to-do list?

Let us take care of that one for you!

We’ll bring farm-fresh organic produce to your doorstep every week. All you have to do is eat it.

We know what produce is best in season, how to pick the freshest, organic, non-GMO options possible. Think of us as your custom grocery concierge. You just press the button.


Our Essentials line is perfect for your busy lifestyle and if you've been PLANNING on eating better, but just haven't gotten around to it yet!

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Why Do Customers Love Us?

Save The Grocery Trip!

“Well packed, delivered to my door, high quality (organic, non-GMO) produce AND saving me a 30 min round trip with my 3 kids to the grocery store mid-week! What’s not to love!?”

Kara Talenga

We’re There In A Pinch!

” I didn’t have time to grocery shop this weekend, so I order the Family Box from Klesicks! I get all this for $34, delivered to my door!”


Healthy Foods For Hangry Nights

“Thanks Klesick’s for the door to door service! When you’re DONE with work for the day, hungry bordering on hangry, and wanting something healthy without going to the store for the essentials…. they truly are awesome!”

Julie Brakus

**Special dietary needs? Check out our SHOP to order exactly the kinds and quantities of produce you need.