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Christmas Cheer

This season has been nothing short of a blur. I spent some time rereading some older newsletters. It is like strolling down memory lane. We have been producing this newsletter with a few modifications at best for over two decades. Some of you even have the physical newsletters stored in binders for that long, too.

I know this is true because I ran into a customer the other day and she has been saving them. It serves as reminder to the importance of the written word and fun recipes! I write because I like to write. I love to share – share hope and goodwill to all. I love the message of Christmas and, in some ways, I try to carry the message of hope and goodwill to all throughout the year. For me, every season is a reason to celebrate and make the world a better place. Christmas is an especially amazing season, and so much good is generated.

Think about Giving Tuesday or the myriad of choices to bless those around the globe with clean water, a farm animal, vegetable seeds, health care, education, or a micro loan, etc. We can extend good through our local food banks or serving at shelters for humans or for animals. Each of us has a unique spot to serve those around us and, quite literally, only you know what will impact those in your sphere of influence. 

This last week, someone in our office asked us to participate in loading up a good size Rosemary plant with gift cards for cancer patients. Her thoughtfulness generated over $900 dollars of gift cards for the patients and their families to forget the moment and enjoy a moment. Or another person who orders extra produce to cook up and deliver an extra meal to an inbound friend. The ideas to extend hope and goodwill are limitless.

When I see and/or am able to participate even in the smallest acts of kindness, it reminds me that Christmas is meant to be experienced throughout the year- extending hope and goodwill to all.

If you have a moment, please share an act of kindness that you experienced, participated in, or witnessed. It might be the seed that inspires/encourages another to extend hope and goodwill in a similar way to those in their sphere of influence. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours.

-Tristan Klesick