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Cleanse, Detox, Reboot!

ID-100219272If you have seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. You were probably as impressed as we were with results of juicing! Here are some of Joe’s tips and recommendations for a successful reboot:

What is a Reboot?

A period of time where you commit to drinking and eating only fruits and vegetables, herbal teas and water in order to regain or sustain your vitality, lose weight and kick-start healthy habits that recharge your body and get your diet back in alignment for optimal wellness.

Is a Reboot for everyone?

Rebooting is for almost everyone with a few exceptions. Please don’t attempt a Reboot if you are pregnant or nursing, under 18 or have a severe medical condition. Check with your doctor if you are unsure. If you are currently on medication, ask your doctor before starting this or any diet program.

Get Your Questions Answered.

Juice or smoothie? How should I navigate social events? Can I chew gum? Check out Joe’s FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

Get support.

Rebooting can be hard but you don’t need to do it alone. We recommend having a Reboot-Buddy to help you through the process.

Purchase a juicer (if you don’t already have one!)

We can personally attest for the Champion Juicer – An easy to use, versatile, powerful and durable Juicer. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Champion 2000+ Juicer doesn’t require nuts, bolts, screws or clamps. Assembly can be completed in seconds. Cleaning is equally quick and painless. In addition to fresh juices, this unit can also make fruit sauces, baby foods, nut butters, ice cream, sherbets and everybody’s favorite – fruit smoothies.

Get juicing.

A copy of the Juice Revolution Cleanse Plan with all the recipes will be included with each order. For details and more information please visit:

Get moving.

Just because you are on a Reboot doesn’t mean that you have to stop your regular exercise routine. Nor does it mean that you have to start one either. However, we strongly believe that fitness is an important component of a healthy, happy, and vibrant life, and key to helping you maintain your weight loss. So fill up on those fruits and veggies, get off the couch, get your heart rate up (it only takes 20 minutes) and get moving!

Share your success.

Congratulations. You’ve done it. The plant-powered energy you’ve been consuming during your Reboot has given you the mental and physical awareness to leave the junk foods behind and live a healthy, vibrant life. You deserve to share your success and help inspire others on their Reboot. Share your story with us.

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