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1554468_734052239963100_1809979314_nAs Chungo, our friendly black lab, and Myliss, our friendly cat, were soaking in the sun from our front porch this beautiful winter day, one couldn’t help but feel a little touch of spring in the air, but I am not easily fooled. As I walked up the steps to the ever-inviting tail wagging of Chungo, calling out to me for a scratch around the ears, I was treated to the first flush of crocuses! On our farm, they are the first telltale sign of what is to come. I love to see them as they start to peek through the flower bed mulches that have been keeping them warm and nourished since October. Those first shoots are so green, with that dark vibrant green that is overflowing with life. It is invigorating to my soul and serves as a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

And with the encouragement of the first crocuses, comes a little extra energy bump and reminder to pick it up a little. We still have fences to mend, gates to build, trees to prune, raspberries to tie off and transplant, and scion wood to collect for this year’s grafting. We are still busily deciding where to plant what, when and how much. We are going to try some early greens in one of our greenhouses and some baby ginger in another one. It is amazing how a little sunshine can provide the burst of energy to get those winter projects buttoned up! Stay tuned.

The Recipe Box

This week, we are rolling out the new Recipe Box. I have been ruminating on a new box for our customers to try and now we have it. A few years ago, we rolled out the Essentials Boxes and then we introduced the Northwest Box, which features only locally grown items. Next, we introduced the Harvest Box and last year we introduced the Juicer Boxes. But all of these boxes originated because of customers like yourselves communicating with us about what worked and didn’t work for your needs.

In that same spirit, the Recipe Box has come to life and is now available. This box will be built around its own recipe and will contain all the ingredients available to make the recipe. The box will be unique in that it may have pasta or beans or salsa or olive oil, in addition to the fruit and vegetable portions necessary for making the meal, and it will be portioned to serve 4 people. I am ultra excited for this new box and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Cheers to your Health!