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Did You Know?

A few weeks ago, a person who has been a customer of Klesick Family Farm for a long time wrote, “I didn’t know your website had all this cool stuff!!! You should maybe write it up as one of the main stories in your box news.”Well, we decided to do just that. This newsletter is dedicated to some of this “cool stuff”–recent improvements to our service.

Find out what’s coming in next week’s boxes!
Every Thursday around noon we update the “Fresh This Week” page of our website with what we have planned for the following week’s boxes, including our new Essentials boxes. The Essentials options are designed for single person households or for people who just want a smaller amount of produce.

Build your own custom box Do you want to order your own produce instead of getting one of our standard boxes? You can! Just choose from the many online options on our Products page and order only those items you would like to receive. You can order fruit, vegetables, bread items, coffee & tea, and other grocery items like eggs, honey, jams, and even pickles. In fact, in a few weeks we will be introducing a whole new line of products to this selection. There is a $3.50 delivery charge for custom orders, but when the order totals $37.50 or more the fee is waived.

Yes, we can make substitutions Don’t like zucchini? Are you allergic to green beans? Can’t have grapefruit? Good news! You can request a substitution when the items you can’t have or can’t use are scheduled for your box. You can either request never to receive an item or you can request just a one-time substitution. We will replace the item you do not want with another item of equivalent value. Please call or e-mail us for this service, as it is not available online. There is a $1 charge for each item that is substituted. We are sorry, but we cannot substitute items in the NW box, Juicer box, or Essentials due to the set up of these boxes.

We have a Blog! Did you ever receive something in your box that you didn’t even know what it was, let alone how to use it? Check out our blog for recipes and preparation tips (the link is located at the top of our home page). And while you’re there, you might want to read the latest words from Tristan or check out the produce specials on the “Goods and Goodies” page.

More good Would you like to switch from weekly to every other week delivery? Would you prefer to rotate between a certain box one week and a different box the next? Do you want to know how to donate produce to a local food bank? Would it be easier if you made an automatic payment with your credit or debit card? Do you need to know how to set up an online account? Do you need to skip a delivery? We are aiming for flexibility and variety in order to best meet your produce needs. If the service is not working for you or if you are having any difficulties, please contact us. There is probably an option that will meet your needs.