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Eating Successfully this Holiday Season

You made it through the Thanksgiving celebrations—were you successful in eating well? I know that I had to try all three pies! Seriously, this season is brutal on healthy eating. The amount of sugar that is going to be given as gifts, devoured at schools, parties and work will be off the charts. I also know that January is coming and I really do not want to arrive there with extra holiday pounds to have to try and lose (now that I am 50 those pounds are a lot harder to chase away). So I have decided to share with you my strategy for avoiding those extra pounds, feeling better and having more energy (a.k.a. not feeling stuffed or lethargic) during the next four weeks. I invite you to join me in making eating healthier a little easier this holiday season.

Use this simple guide to eating successfully this holiday season:

  • The first thing we have to do is admit it is going to be hard! Shake your head back and forth, sigh and then say, “It is going to be hard, but I can do it!”
  • The second thing we need to do is get on the scale, yes the scale! Record your weight ________.
  • Next, write down where you want your weight to be each week. The only rule is that it can’t be more than 5 lbs in the wrong direction and it can’t be more than 10 lbs. in the right direction. This is what I call a BRAG (Best Realistically Attainable Goal). What is your holiday BRAG for weight _______? Even on the scale or a few pounds less is my BRAG for the next four weeks.
  • Choose real food first (e.g., fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese) at family gatherings or holiday parties.
  • Bring real food to parties, someone else will really appreciate it too!
  • Next, skip the treats at least once a day (saying “no” gets easier the more you practice).
  • Eat your veggies, they won’t show up on the “scale” like cookies, donuts, etc. will.
  • Drink water, smoothies or fresh pressed juices.
  • Keep getting your Box of Good Staying out of the grocery store this season will not only save you money, but limit your temptation to buy those treats.

Remember, enjoying ourselves, plus feeling better and having more energy are the real prizes this holiday season. The “scale” will only serve as a reminder that we won!

Cheers to your success!


Tristan Klesick