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Enhance your gardens this spring!

This spring, to aid you in your organic gardening, we have decided to make some of the products that we use here on our own farm available to you!

We are excited about the BioGarden garden and plant products because they incorporate broad-spectrum microbes, specially formulated enzymes, and a balanced nutritional program to promote optimal health of plants and soil, resulting in higher yields and healthier food. The BioGarden products are made by Tainio Technology & Technique – a family-owned and operated company here in Washington state that is dedicated to producing natural, sustainable products and solutions to help restore the balance in nature, leading to a healthier tomorrow.

BioGarden Foliar Fertilizer 5-14-14+4 (Ca)  –  $24.99

10 packets  /  Yield: 5,000 sq. ft. per packet

A nutrition-packed foliar spray fortified with beneficial microbes, for fast nutrient delivery to fruit trees, vegetables, berries, shrubs, and flowers. and shrubs. Simply tear open one of the single-application packets of BioGarden™ Foliar Fertilizer, pour into water, and decant into sprayer. May be applied to trees*, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, etc.

*Not recommended for needle bearing trees and shrubs.

BioGarden Soil Conditioner 3-3-2+5 (Ca)  – $24.99

1tsp. in 3 gallons of water for 60 sq. ft. area  /  Yield: 160 applications per container

A blend of beneficial microbes and nutrients to help build rich, healthy soil, which is the foundation for plant health and productivity. BioGarden™ Soil Conditioner may be sprinkled directly onto the soil or may be mixed in water and sprayed or watered in. May be used in furrow at planting, as a root-dip for transplants, or to side-dress established plants and trees. Use up to four times during the growing season. Use for vegetables, flowers, berries, around fruit trees, and in containers.

Leafzyme –  $8.99

4oz. spray bottle

A foliage spray for indoor plants designed to activate beneficial microbes already present on the leaves of indoor plants. These microbes will process dust and other particles into nutrition that indoor plants can absorb for beautiful and luscious growth. Leafzyme is ideal for removing dust from African violets and other “fuzzy” plants, or restoring luster and shine to smooth ones.

To Order To order these and other gardening products, give our office a call or go to “Garden” in the Products section of our website.