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Fresh This Week Add-ons

The weather is beautiful and the produce tastes and looks amazing! We are very excited about this week’s add-ons. They are sure to make great additions to summer dishes.

Try this Summer Squash Casserole Recipe: Click Here

This Week’s Add-Ons


Pluots: $2.25/lb.

Blackberries! $3.50/pint.

Peaches, $5 for $3.75

Apricots, $0.60 ea.

Order Fruit: Click Here


Summer Squash: $3.25/ 1.5lb

Sunburst Yellow Squash: $2.25/lb.

Zucchini: $2.00/lb.

Jalapeno Peppers, 0.25/lb. for $1.15, 0.5/lb. for $2.25

Cilantro, $1.00/bn.

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