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Fresh this week add-ons

The weather is beautiful and the produce tastes and looks amazing! We are very excited about this week’s add-ons. They are sure to make great additions to summer dishes.

Try this Mixed Cherry Tomatoes with Tamarind Dressing Recipe:

This week’s add-ons

Strawberries, still 2 pints for $7

WA grown blueberries are here! 2 pints for $7. Flats & half flats available.

Local Raspberry flats (12 pints) $35

Cantaloupe melons $2.50 ea.

Green & Red grapes $5.50/bag.

Bing cherries, $5/lb.

Kiwi, $0.75 ea.

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Sweet Corn, now 8 for $5!

Mixed cherry tomatoes, NW grown, $4.75 full pints

Radishes, $1.25/ bn.

Cucumbers, $1.50 ea.

Baby White Nugget  new potatoes, 2 lbs for $4.00

Young bunch beets from Klesick’s farm, $2.50/bn.

Swiss chard from Klesick’s farm, $2.00/bn.

Spring Onions from Klesick’s farm, $2.00/bn.

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