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From where I sit…

LabelGMOFoodstwibbon_940x150Our national food policy is dominated by the likes of Monsanto and the other agribusinesses. Sadly, our elected officials and the USDA are all too willing to listen to Monsanto and other multinational farm and food companies. Those companies have a stranglehold on public policy and the elected officials are far too compliant or complicit on the issue of genetic engineering in our food supply. 

I think it is a travesty that Americans and Canadians have to be the proponents of genetic engineering, forcing it upon other countries. Over the next few months, I will be addressing the issues of genetically engineered foods from a farming standpoint, a parent’s standpoint and a public policy standpoint. 

When it comes to food safety, food security and healthy food, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are a republican or democrat—Monsanto and their proponents have had their way in Washington D.C. and Olympia. This has to stop. But meaningful change is only going to happen when American citizens stop being “the Sheeple,” exercise our rights as “the People” and demand a level playing field. We are going to find out very quickly in Washington State where our local elected officials stand on this issue and also where our U.S. congressmen and women and senators stand as well.

I-522 “The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”
This is an important issue. Please read the complete text found at This is at its heart a labeling issue. I am not proposing we shut down Monsanto or any other company, but I am in wholehearted agreement that genetically engineered foods need to be labeled as ingredients and that consumers be given the information to make informed choices on the products at the grocery stores or other food outlets. 

Yes, I know how to avoid GE foods and so do many of you, but the majority of citizens are uniformed and the biotech food industry prefers it that way. But I believe that if people are given the choice, they will choose non-genetically engineered foods and the free market will decide what type of food and products will go forward, not Monsanto or other multinational food companies.

I am voting for I-522 because labeling is a fair and free market solution to food security, food safety and a healthy food supply.

How about you?