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Fun holiday decorating ideas w/KFF produce

Deck The Door

For a simple door decoration, hang a juicy red pomegranate from ribbon Create a hanging loop by pushing the ends of a short length of florist’s wire into the pomegranate. Thread red ribbon through the loop and tie in a bow at the top of the fruit. Photo & Idea from:

Fragrant Fruit Bowl

This festive display adds color as well as spicy citrus fragrance to your holiday home. To make your own, press cloves into Clementine’s or Satsumas and arrange them in a bowl of cranberries garnished with a few sprigs of rosemary. Photo & Idea from:

Cranberry Bouquet

Cut a bouquet of ivory poinsettias for a table centerpiece. Cranberries in the clear glass vase hold the stems in place. Mingle the blossoms with Christmas greens if you wish. For a longer-lasting arrangement, insert each stem into a water-filled floral pick before adding them to the vase. Idea & Photo from:

Pear Place Cards

For each place setting, choose an apple or a pear with a sturdy stem—if necessary, cut a slice off the bottom so it sits straight, or make a knife slit and insert the card into a pear placed on its side (shown). To make name tags, cut green (or color of choice) paper into a holiday shape, square or that of a leaf will be perfect, punch a hole at one end with a toothpick, and write each guest’s name or initials with a gold metallic marker. Tie the name tag to the stem with a gold string or ribbon. Idea from: Photo from: