We bring health to your door with fresh, organic, non-gmo, produce delivery.

Whether it is diet, weight loss, high blood pressure or doctor’s orders, nutritious food is one of the best ways to up your health game.

Klesick’s can help by delivering farm-fresh, high quality produce right to your door. This is food that will enhance your natural ability to fight disease. Our produce is organically grown and has none of the dangerous chemicals or pesticides that can compromise good health.


Our most popular FAMILY SIZED BOX supplies you with a variety of healthy food that will enhance your natural ability to fight disease!

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Why Do Customers Love Us?

Conquer Health Goals

“Sooooo much better than going to the doctor. I get a Harvest Box each week. Plus I get weekly garlic & monthly ginger. All good stuff. Whole organic food, grown in naturally fertilized dirt, without chemicals. God made food is healing to my body. Yummm.”

Naomi Marquez-Blake

Freshest Local Produce

“Growing up around farmers, I know that buying locally is so important for health. It is healthier than just buying from the store with out-of-county produce. I love the freshness and the quality.”

Taimi Knowles

Weight Loss Success

“It’s amazing what a healthy lifestyle can do for oneself – I’m eating better foods, I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I feel great! Thanks Klesick Farms for being there every step along the way!”

Curtis Takahashi

**Special dietary needs? Check out our SHOP to order exactly the kinds and quantities of produce you need.