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Heirloom Apples Available for Juicing, Saucing and Homemade Pies!

Clockwise: Photos from janespice, my recipes, Cooks Farm Orchard and smitten kitchen.

Don’t you just love fall?! The bounty of local food is being harvested by the bushel. Bright-colored winter squash varieties are being picked and stored in big wooden bins, farmers are picking that last patch of green beans, sweet and crisp from the cool  nights – hoping to get them all harvested before the frost comes, late season sweet corn – ripening in small batches as long as the sun will shine down on it, Italian plums, pluots, pears and…apples! Great kaleidoscopes of color, transferred from tree to box by nimble fingers. There are many varieties of apples that will never make it to the supermarket shelves because they aren’t well-known, or available in the quantities that common varieties like Fuji’s or Galas are. These apples are bursting with a flavor all their own, each variety is different than the other, including the color of skin, and color of flesh (inside)

We here at Klesick Family Farm have had the opportunity to purchase a few boxes of heirloom apple varieties and would like to pass this opportunity on to our customers. These apples are all from a few small, certified organic orchards in Okanogan, WA, who have been growing  heirloom apples for over 30 years. The apples will come in a  16-lb box (about 48-55 apples, sizes vary). There will be at least 4 different varieties per box. These apple varieties are uncommon and are unknown by most. The varieties you may receive in a box are Nickajack, Cox Orange Pippen, Cortland’s, Liberty, Wagener, King David’s, Spartans and Spitzenberg. Because these are coming from small orchards, where there may only be one tree of a variety, we aren’t able to get enough of these apples to put in all the boxes we send out every week; but this opportunity to share these historical treasures is too good to pass up!

This is a great opportunity to experience anew, the old-fashioned flavors of days gone by, make up a batch of unique and oh-so good applesauce, incredible apple cider, cobblers, crisps and pies, with some of the same varieties of apples our ancestors enj0yed over a century ago!

You can place an order by visiting our website at

If you are looking for a specific variety, of apple, or a larger quantity, please contact us by email or phone 360-652-4663.