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Hosting Tips

ID-100167699Throwing a holiday get-together doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are a few tips for hosting a wonderful Christmas gathering without breaking a sweat.

1) Determine whether you want a sit-down dinner or something more casual, like a cocktail party.

2) Buffets make dinner parties easy: You can get dishes out quickly and keep them warm while guests can help themselves. Individual portions are a great way to ensure everyone gets to taste your delicious preparations.


3) With early arrivals or family cooking, always have something ready and available for your guests to nosh on. It will take the pressure off the cook!

4) Make the beverages just as important as the food. Consider a perfect tea or a tea that gets a little bit of love from fall spices, late garden mint or early citrus or a signature drink for granny! Regardless, make beverages a part of your experience and your guests will find that layered excitement for the meal.

5) Delegate tasks among friends, family or kids. The person cooking shouldn’t have to set the table, light the candles or fill the water pitchers.

6) Fresh floral goes along way, let your house be alive with fresh seasonal fruits and flowers as it gives life to a house.

7) Music – make a playlist the week before – a little background sound always makes a party or event feel livelier.

8) Make the day or evening special with real candles! The flicker of real burning candles will always enhance the character of a table.

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