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Houston, We have a Problem

That is a classic line from the Apollo 13 movie, starring a very young Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon. I hear that line playfully bantered around a lot when there are minor nuisances or inconveniences. But in the movie, “Houston we have a problem” was referring to a calm and calculated response to a very serious situation.

As a parent, I feel like Washington, D.C., isn’t getting it.  Our nation’s health is spiraling out of control. America has a serious health crisis that is going to impact every area of our nation: health care, military, political, family, the environment and education. Since the 1970s, when Jane Fonda was encouraging us to “exercise,” to the “Biggest Loser” today, what has changed?

We have been encouraged to exercise, eat low fat, and eat lots of grains and carbs, regardless of where those calories are coming from. And what has been the direct result of following the recommendations to exercise, eat low fat and a grain-based diet? More childhood obesity, more cancer, more heart disease, more diabetes, more health issues.

Yes, Washington, we do have a problem! And your pandering to the food, farm and biotech lobbies is at the heart of it.

I believe the underlying issue is sugar! It is in practically everything. There are over 600,000 grocery items in our stores and 80% of them have sugar added to them. Sugar is in our cereals, our coffee, our sodas, our breads, and our ice cream. If a food is processed, some company is trying to add sugar to it.

I contend our nation would be a lot healthier (and skinnier) if we swore off sugar or at least 90% of it.

But here is where good health meets dark health. The grocery manufacturers of America like to sell groceries, and since 80% of their products have sugar they lobby to protect themselves and their constituents.

To complicate the matter, the sugar beet and corn farmers also have a stake in the fight because they grow the sugar for the grocery manufacturers. If Congress makes any meaningful change in legislation that would curb the use of sugar or call it out as a health issue, they will get an earful from these farmers. To complicate the issue even more, the farmer’s primary supplier to help them grow all that sugar is none other than Monsanto and other biotech companies who have shoved genetically modified technology down our throats.

And so it goes. Our senators and congress people have to stand up against the grocery manufacturers and the farm and biotech lobbies if they are going to make any meaningful food policy changes. Ironically, these lobbies also happen to be the same ones that spend millions of dollars to make sure that GMO labeling never gets a foothold.

This situation hasn’t changed for decades, and it doesn’t matter whether the Clintons, Bushes, or Obamas are in office or the Bushes or Clintons are in back in office. They didn’t improve our food when they had an opportunity and I sincerely doubt they will this time around either.

The only thing that is going to make a difference is not supporting that food system. That food system doesn’t care about your family’s health, they care about profits, and no sales equals no profit! The less we eat of their food the healthier our family will be.

Thanks for supporting a different food system. Let your friends know where you get your real food!

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Farmer Tristan