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How are your New Year's resolutions coming?

I have been trying to stay on track myself, spend more time with my family, lose a few pounds, get a little more sleep and exercise daily.  I have been measuring my goals using an excel spreadsheet. It is amazing the accountability that comes from journaling your successes and need I say it, yes, setbacks.

I have one of those scales that measures pounds the old fashioned way.  Have you ever noticed that 1 inch on that scale looks like a mile, even if it is only 10lbs.  Losing 10 pounds is not hard, but keeping it off is the real work.  Keeping weight off requires diligence and a change of habit.  For the last two months I have been pretty religious about getting up a 5:30am and doing a 30 minute workout.  I don’t have any exercise equipment and I am only using 5 lbs dumbbells, but it is working.  My hope is to encourage you that you can simply affect your goals with an at home exercise program that doesn’t cost a lot of $$$$.

I also use that time when I am finished working out to make a fresh glass of vegetable and fruit juice.  I absolutely love the colors of fresh juice. I posted a picture of this morning’s juice online at my blog.  The picture is straight from the juicer before I pour it into the glass for my wife and me.  The colors in fresh juice are incredibly vibrant, almost neon. The reds, the pinks, the oranges, and greens are bursting with flavor and  with vitality.

I have had increased energy, more time on my hands and kept off a few of those pounds that tended to hang around during the holiday seasons (especially since I am a forty something now).  The nice thing is that I have gained some traction on my goals and I have measureable results to document, and more importantly encourage me to press on.

The success I was feeling from juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and exercising was the inspiration for our newest “box of good” the Juicer’s box. The Juicer’s box has the old standby juicing fruits and vegetables with a few weekly menu changes (to spice it up) to make about 12-14 glasses (10 – 12oz.) of juice a week.

Keep up on those New Year’s resolutions and if necessary “fire” them up again and start with a slightly different plan than the last one.  You, and only you, can ultimately affect your personal health and your family’s health,  here, at the Klesick Family Farm we appreciate being a part of those healthy lifestyle choices and changes.

Cheers to good health,