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How to Eat Your BOX! (Week of 3/11/18)


Think you need to dowse grapefruit with sugar before you partake of its immune-boosting properties? Think again. The bitter component of grapefruit is actually mostly found in the white membrane surrounding the juicy segments. The simplest and healthiest way to enjoy grapefruit is to simply slice it in half horizontally, which exposes the segments while giving you access sans the pith. Take a paring knife and loosen the fruit from the sides, working around the circle. Then, take a spoon and dip out the fruit. You might be surprised at how good it tastes, all on its own.

Swiss Chard:

Both the leaves and stalk of chard are edible, although the stems vary in texture with the white ones being the most tender. When you get your box, give your chard a quick rinse in cold water, spin dry, and store in a Ziploc bag to use in smoothies, salads, stir fry’s, and as a wrap for tacos. Unless you’re using the chard as a wrap, you can take your meal prep a step further and tear the leaves into fork-friendly pieces to speed up your meal prep all week long.

Rainbow Carrots:

Twist the tops off those carrots as soon as they arrive so that they stay nice and crisp in the refrigerator. If you’re reading this, you’ve chosen organically grown carrots, so give yourself a fist bump. ? Carrots are so important to get organic because conventionally grown carrots are often a concentrated source of heavy metals, nitrates and pesticides. Eating carrots is a healthy alternative to junk food, and just one carrot can boost your willpower that is in resistance to those processed foods. Consider adding bunch carrots on to your order on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Your body will thank you!


Featured Recipe: Swiss Chard and Fingerling Potatoes

Serves 4



1 lb. fingerling potatoes washed and halved (do not peel)

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

1 red onion, roughly chopped

1-2 bunches of Swiss chard cut into 2″ wide strips

Himalayan pink salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste



Cook potatoes in salted water, about 10 minutes

While the potatoes are cooking, in a large non-stick pan, sauté onions over low heat until fragrant. About 1-2 minutes

Turn up the heat to medium and add Swiss chard. Season with salt and pepper and stir well. Cover and cook for 4-5 minutes, until greens are just wilted and stalks are tender.

Drain the cooked potatoes and add to the greens. Stir-fry potatoes with the greens for 1 minute or until the potatoes and greens are well mixed.


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