Shopping options for delivery

There are two ways to shop: By typing in a text search, or by browsing images.

1) Text Search:

This option is for existing customers only, and is helpful if you’re building a box from a recipe or specific menu. Since you already know what you want, just type it in, add, and go!

After logging inĀ here, you will arrive at your Dashboard. From here, you can “Schedule a Delivery” by choosing an address and delivery date.

The calendar of available delivery dates will populate according to the delivery route of your address. When done, select “Add Items”.


Now that we have an address and delivery date selected, you can begin adding the items what you would like, whether that be a standard box, or a standard box plus custom items, or just a fully customized box.


2) Visual Search:

This option is helpful for the window shoppers! If you’d rather browse by images and categories, this one’s for you.

Start by adding whichever items you would like to your cart. Some items come in singles, some in cases, so choose whatever tickles your fancy.

When you are finished adding products for your delivery, select the “Cart” button in the top-right corner. From here, feel free to edit quantities, frequencies, or completely remove products as well. Finally, below the items in your Cart, you will choose the address and date you would like for your delivery. If you are logged, all your addresses and available delivery dates will appear. If not, you will be prompted to Check Out by creating a new account, address, name, email, phone, and payment information.


Remember: Even after submitting your items for delivery, you can always edit your order up until 8am two days prior to your delivery day.