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Inhibition can be a Good Thing

potatoesI mean, really, if you think about inhibition, it is a form of self-control, as opposed to prohibition which is a form of outside control. Personally, I am more of a fan of inhibition and self-control than the other. I know, I know, some prohibition is necessary, but I would prefer less than more.

Well, when it comes to potatoes, inhibition has gone wild. As a farmer, I would encourage you to eat as many as you like. There are so many great ways to eat them: boiled, roasted (my favorite), baked, in soups and even in pancakes. There are also many different sizes, colors and shapes. We have reds, blues, yellows, bakers, fingerlings, heirlooms and hybrid. One might conclude there is a different potato for every palette.  So, toss all inhibition to the wind, but don’t overdo it and fall into the trap of gluttony—nothing worse than ruining a good meal by eating too much. I know that they taste incredible, but a little inhibition on over doing it will go a long way toward not feeling stuffed! And everyone knows that things that are stuffed don’t usually have much life in them!

Now, sadly, the chemical minded farmer shows very little inhibition on something that should definitely be on the prohibition list. They grow the beautiful potato from seed and abuse it with chemical fertilizers and sprays all season long. Then at the end, as if adding “salt” to an injury, they spray the potato with sprout inhibitors. That is terrible. Most of the potatoes Americans are eating have been sprayed with sprout inhibitors, unless you buy organic or local from a farmer direct.

Storing potatoes is big business and keeping those “fritters” from sprouting is of paramount importance to the USDA, the potato growers, and the grocery and restaurant supply chains. But is it more important than our nation’s health, your health? I say not, so I won’t use them!

Now, don’t let a little sprout here or there become the inhibitor to eating my potatoes. A sprout just means that a potato is being a potato—you know, acting just like God intended it to.  So, if you see one of those sprouts “peeking around the corner,” do the same thing as farmer Tristan and his clan—“pop” it off and get to cooking a mess of something awesome, like Tuscan soup!

And if you ever do spy a sprout, you can send a thank you to your farmer for showing some inhibition to using a chemical sprouting inhibitor on the food he is growing for you.


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