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It's November and… 11/17/09

Flooding is something that valley farmers contend with.  We get use to it, sort of, we work around it and sometimes in it, and mostly, hope that the river decides to stay within its banks.  This first flood of the year appears to be mostly benign and for that I am thankful.  I am also thankful that last March, Joelle and I made a choice to move our processing and packing facility off our farm and up to a high spot in Warm Beach.  That choice has provided a significant amount of peace in our lives.  We loved having our operation on the farm, but we had out grown our facilities and needed more space for, both, the actual farming operation and the home delivery business.

In the past we would have two flood fights, as they are called, on our hands.  One, getting our farm equipment, barns and house ready for the River, and two, getting our home delivery business situated and potentially moved to a temporary location. 

I am thankful today that we are only getting our farm prepared for the flood and I am really thankful that it appears to be a minor flood.