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Klesick Family Farm Fall Festival Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events
10:00 Binding Oats
10:00 Hay rides all day long (except during tractor slow race)
10:15 Raffle
10:30 Farm Walk with Tristan
11:00 Raffle, Potato Digging
11:30 Threshing
12:00 Raffle
12:30 Farm Games: Obstacle Course, Tug-of-War, Balloon Toss, Sack Race
1:00 Raffle & Tractor Slow Race
1:30 Potato Digging
2:00 Raffle, Farm Walk with Tristan
2:30 Threshing
3:00 Raffle
4:00 The End
Thank you for coming!
Schedule is subject to change