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Molly The Green Sea Turtle

Maleah Klesick wanted to contribute to the newsletter this week, and give Farmer Tristan a break! Here’s a story she wrote after learning about sea turtles and the impact our environment has on their life cycle.

Hi I’m Molly, a green sea turtle from Florida. I will tell you a little bit about myself. From the start I had to fight to survive, I think that many of my brothers and sisters got eaten by foxes or raccoons before they hatched. After I hatched I had minutes to get to the sea before I was eaten by birds and crabs. When I reached the sea the waves greeted me, in a not so friendly way. I will always remember this beach, in a couple of years I will come back to lay my eggs.

About 4 years later, I am full grown, being a curious turtle, I saw a fishing boat and floated a little too close. By that I mean got caught in the fishing line. I washed up on shore, my heart was in my ears, but luckily a lady saw me and called Clearwater Marine Aquarium. (C.M.A.) the volunteers got there a couple minutes later. They untangled me, put me in a stretcher and drove to C.M.A. I got my name after the lady who found me.

My cuts and gashes weren’t life threatening injuries so I was able to be released into the wild. My diet was mostly squid, capelin, and leafy greens, honestly though I preferred the greens. After fixing my injuries the C.M.A. staff set a date for me to be released. On July 26, 2014 I was put on a stretcher and was driven to the beach where I had been rescued three months ago and I was released back into the wild.

Maleah Klesick