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One Family, One Person

I have figuratively been chewing on a piece of alfalfa lately, mulling over how I can—our farm can—make a bigger impact in our local community in our fight against cancer, heart disease, and other health issu es. These diseases are classified by some as being diet and lifestyle-related. Change…it all comes down to change. Changing the way we think, the way we live and the way we eat.

If you, a friend or family member are fighting one of these diseases, you are literally in a fight for your health and your family’s health. This means our community is in a fight for health, which means our state is in the fight and our nation, as well. As I lean on my hoe and contemplate, “What can I do?” I realize that the answer to the question is a question: “What can we do?”

You have already made a huge choice to change—you get a delivery of fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich foods. You are intentional about eating better and in that intentional choice you have improved your family’s health. You have saved time, money, farmland, you have shored up local farm infrastructure and you have sent a message to Corporate America that you are not buying their products. You have also helped our farm support several other local farms which has turned into to more local jobs. Wow, just by getting a delivery of local food, you accomplished all that. All of these benefits come because of one intentional choice, a choice to be a part of the solution, a choice to get a box of good!

I want to thank you for your intentional choice to partner with us, but I want to do more. I want to expand our ability to reach out to those families and that one person, who is fighting for their health.

KFF has personally funded our Healing through Nutrition program with $1000, but we are looking for others to join us as partners in healing.

You can join us in several ways:

1. If you know of a family medically diagnosed with cancer or heart disease, consider purchasing them a box of good. We will discount your purchase 5% if we deliver it and 15% if you deliver it.

2. If you can’t afford to purchase a box of good for a family, send their name to us and we will try and meet the need through donated funds.

3. Consider donating to our Healing through Nutrition program. We will use these funds to bless those families fighting these diseases.

4. Consider organizing a fundraiser at your office, rotary club, church, etc. and open an account for a family you know fighting these diseases. We will do the rest. A few customers have done this and those families (those giving and those receiving) are forever changed.

5. Lastly, please let us know about the ones you know who are fighting these diseases. Just send us an e-mail to with their first name and a short biography and we will add them to our prayer list. If they are important to you, they are important to us.

Your farmer and partner in good health,