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Our Food System Is Broken

We care more about our air and water quality than we do the food we eat. Last time I checked, we need to breathe, drink and eat. My cynical side says, “This means the coal lobby isn’t as strong as the sugar lobby.”

The EPA is lowering the boom on coal, but the FDA and the USDA are doing the old “wink-wink” when it comes to our food. The American food supply has been coopted by the sugar and processed food industries, with the blessing of the FDA and the USDA. But what has been the result of this high carb, high sugar, low fat experiment? An unhealthy American population!

The only way we are going to change our personal health is by not buying corporate America’s food! Only by removing the profit from Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, General Mills, etc. will the health of America change. When we intentionally stop eating their processed “food” they will respond. Of course, first they will advertise more to promote “the benefits” of their products. Then they will lobby Congress to protect them from the consumer, but finally they will produce healthier and more nutritious processed foods to earn your business back. They will do this not because they love you or care about your health, but because their pocket book is hurting! It’s simple. NO SALES, NO PROFIT.

If we are going to effectively change our food system and take it back, we are going to have to do it one bite at a time, by saying “yes” to more organic fruits and vegetables, and better quality dairy, meat, and wild fish.

The easiest way to win this war on our health (waistline) is to not eat their processed sugar laden products! If we consciously choose to not eat their food, we will win this battle. It only takes a 5% shift in their sales and they will respond.

And do you know what else? If you cut back on processed foods (a.k.a., sugar foods), you will avoid eating GMOs.

And do you know what else? You will lose weight just by not eating processed foods.

And do you know what else? You will feel better (after a few days as your body detoxifies) because you are eating better.

WOW, am I ever fired up! If we cut out sugar, we change the food system for everyone, and we will feel better and healthier!

Give it a try this week. Intentionally cut out sugar. Your body will thank you.

Cheers to your health,