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The other day, I set out to make pancakes and scrambled eggs for the family.  Most of the clan was home, maybe 9 out of 11! So I went to and found the perfect recipe (you know, the one with 4000 reviews and a 4+ rating), read a few comments to see if there were any important changes recommended and then went for it.

I don’t know how my wife does it. Trying to get that first batch of pancakes not too runny or too thick. Do I double, triple or quadruple it? Let’s triple it. Get out the mixing bowls, one for dry and one for wet ingredients. Oops, I picked out a mixing bowl that was too small for the tripled recipe. But instead of washing another dish, I prudently chose to mix carefully!

Before I headed out to feed the horses around 5am, I checked the quantity of milk in the fridge – “A half gallon, we’re good.” Came back in and started to pull it all together. Got all the dry ingredients together, started on the eggs, oil and milk. Oh no! Between my feeding the horses and other chores our #3 son had gotten up, had breakfast and headed off to work, and in the process had used up most of the milk for his breakfast – the milk that I was planning on using for pancakes! Those teenage boys can consume a lot! Well, he had saved enough for almost the amount I needed. Hmmm…now what? Okay, improvise. Back to the fridge. Oooh, we have some half and half! Catastrophe diverted.

Now comes the challenge for me. How do I get the eggs and the pancakes to be ready at the same time to feed my army of eaters? The eggs are on stove and the electric griddle is on the breakfast bar, about six feet from each other. I have decided this time to cook them slower at a lower temperature. Start the first batch, get out the butter, jam and syrup, turn on the oven to “keep warm,” finish the first six pancakes and start on the eggs. Next, wake up the kiddos, get them to set the table, say grace and start eating. I would have never thought that sleeping was a strenuous activity, but those kiddos polished off 30 pancakes and a plate of eggs. One would have thought they had worked a full day on the farm!
What is your favorite pancake recipe?

Happy Father’s Day!