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Potatoes, Beets, Chard, Spinach and Radishes

Last week we were able to get a few crops in the ground and are hopeful to get a few more this week. It hasn’t been easy timing our efforts with the weather. Our first planting of beets had to be replanted. I planted them before the last deluge a week ago and that amount of rain so saturated our soils that there was no way for even the mighty beet seed to break through that crusted over layer of soil. Thankfully, I only planted a few thousand feet. I usually start out with smaller plantings in the spring and then work my way up to larger plantings as the season and the weather stabilizes.

We were able to plant potatoes on Saturday. We are planting four varieties this year. Satinas and Yukon Golds are yellow potatoes and Red Lasodas and Chieftans are two red varieties. They are inter-planted (Yukons, Red Lasodas, Satinas, and Chieftans) so I can keep them straight. It also makes for a beautiful planting because the flowers and plants, although all potatoes, have a different hue to them.

We also use soil microbes when we plant our seeds and potatoes. Our strategy is to pre-inoculate the soil and crops with the good bacteria. Soil microbes (aka, good bacteria) are essential to healthy food production. Not only do I not use herbicides or pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, I am proactive in feeding my soil with lots of minerals and soil microbes. Soil microbes are essential for plant health, because they break down the minerals so the plants can absorb them. If the minerals are not in the soil, then they won’t be in my crops and, consequently, not in your food. Soil microbes make sure the plant has the minerals available to uptake.

Our BioGarden line is the same concept, but in home garden quantities. The BioGarden Soil Conditioner is an excellent product for lawns, flower beds and garden areas. We have several products for home gardeners that will help you produce healthy and beautiful landscapes and gardens (foodscapes).

Here’s to a successful growing season going forward!