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Shhh… Quiet please. The symphony is about to begin!

We have been tuning our stringed instruments, the brass and woodwinds are warming up, and the percussionists are readying themselves!  Now, the lights dim and all is quiet. In moments, the orchestra will erupt into an awe-inspiring symphonic masterpiece.

Don’t you just love a good piece of music? I do. At this moment, I have the William Tell Overture running through my mind. Its signature piece is only a small part of the entire overture and several instruments need to work together to make it all one beautiful piece of music. Gioachino Rossini quietly introduces this wonderful score to us, much like winter yielding to spring.

February and March are much like the precursory to the overture. We, in tune with nature, are warming up in preparation for a beautiful and harmonious blend of music. We are starting to work our fields, read the weather and the soil, and hit a few of the notes where the weather, the soil and tractors work together to prepare those first few seed beds.

Just as the music moves from a contented score to the race-like pace, so do we as farmers! As the calendar marches towards summer and the weather warms, we begin to plant more and more crops. At some point, almost majestically, midway through the summer our work switches to both planting and harvesting. 

Then, just as Rossini begins to end his overture with an exhilarating crescendo, our farm ushers in fall with its own crescendo – an abundant harvest!  All season we have been building towards the crescendo and then our farm and its farmers enter into a winter rest to contemplate and reflect on the season past and rejuvenate for the next season. Oh, I love farming!

Writing this newsletter fills me with emotion. I have so many memories of our farm:  different harvests, working alongside my children and my horses. My mind wanders to our fall festival, where you and your children have come and harvested potatoes, experienced 100 years of history, or played in our organic soil. Just like Rossini’s William Tell Overture, the musical score, with all the instruments, the musicians, and the lighting crew – all are playing a beautiful and important part to make it what it is. 

Just like farms and cities, forever wedded together, not so much different than a beautiful piece of music. 

I am glad to be in the symphony alongside of you,


P.S. — KFF caught on video!  One of our happy customers in Everett featured our home delivery of “A Box of Good” in a CNN iReport story entitled, “Healthy Eating in Everett, Washington: Report by a Former Fast Food Junkie.” Watch it at: