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Make-Ahead Spinach and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches


Yield: 12 sandwiches
12 eggs, scrambled
2 cups baby spinach
2 tablespoons butter 
6-8 ounces cheese, grated
12 whole wheat English muffins
It is recommended using either jumbo muffin tins or ramekins for baking multiple eggs at one time. Regular muffin can be too small for shaping the eggs to fit the English muffins. 
1. Butter up the ramekins or muffin tins.
2. Scramble the eggs before cooking them which makes sure that they cook evenly.
3. Place spinach into each ramekin or muffin tin.
4. Add the scrambled eggs – approximately one egg per ramekin or muffin tin. Bake these guys at 350 degrees for about 20-22 minutes and they should be perfectly cooked. Be sure to check them to make sure the very centers are cooked through. If they aren’t, then cook them for a few extra minutes.
Once they cool for a few minutes, the egg cups should easily slide out of the tins.
5. While the eggs bake, prepare the muffins by splitting them open and adding cheese slices (fold in the corners of my square slices). If you like your muffins toasted, you can toast them before assembly.
4. Add the baked eggs when they're ready.
Let them cool before wrapping.
Wrap for microwave reheating: use dry wax paper deli sheets. That way, you can put the wrapped sandwiches directly in the microwave for reheating. 90-120 seconds
Wrap for oven reheating: Wrap them in aluminum foil if you prefer to reheat them in the oven. This is a good option if you want to reheat several at one time. It takes approx. 30-40 minutes to reheat frozen Breakfast sandwiches in a 350 degree oven. If they're thawed, it only takes about 15-20 minutes. The outside of the muffin gets crispy when these are warmed in the oven. Pop them in the oven when you wake up by the time the family is ready for breakfast these sandwiches are ready to go!
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