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This time of year is filled with such eagerness and new beginnings. The cold, gray winter is fading fast and we welcome the sunny, cool days of spring. With each coming season new joy and excitement emerges.

For me, spring is marked with the planting of seeds. Our windowsills are lined with little pots studded with seeds of carrots, ground cherries, tomatoes, and spring onions. In our “petite” garden patch we’ve already planted sugar snap peas and arugula. Each day, with anticipation, my sons and I check the status of our seedlings and dream of hot sunny summer days playing outside and eating the sweet-as-candy peas from the vine.

My next step in welcoming spring is rhubarb. Its bright red stalks roasted in the oven with a touch of sugar and orange zest make the most decadent compote that tops anything from ice cream to oatmeal. My mouth puckers at its tart bright flavor and I smile at this memorable taste that, to me, screams spring.

The recipe I have for you this week highlights what this season has to offer. A variety of citron green vegetables are stirred into fresh eggs then topped with cheese and broiled until golden brown. A frittata is the perfect weekday dinner. Served with a simple green salad, this dish is a welcoming light meal after a long winter of heavy and hearty foods. “Frittata” is basically just a fancy way of saying omelette (those Italians always know how to fancy things up a bit). A frittata, however, is usually a bit lighter, as the eggs are whipped more than a traditional omelette. The resulting texture is lighter and more fluffy. Nearly any vegetable can be substituted and diced ham, bacon, or turkey can easily be added. I’m sure you too will add the frittata to your weekly meal plan.

What a joy to live in this beautiful green area that produces an abundance of fresh produce. From the slender, sweet stalks of asparagus to the pungent and peppery garlic greens – I welcome it all with open arms and an open mouth.

by Ashley Rodriquez
Chef, food blogger, and full-time mom. You can read more of her writings at