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Squash Fest at Klesick Family Farm

October 12th and 13th (this Friday and Saturday)
1:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m. (both days)
Klesick Family Farm
24101 Miller Rd., Stanwood
What to bring:
Boots or good walking shoes (remember this is a farm and the terrain is uneven)
Cash or check, all the squash will be $0.75 per pound (we can charge your purchases to your account)
What not to bring:
The flu (our family doesn’t want to get the flu)
Pets (our dogs think they own the place ☺)
All silliness aside, Squash Fest is a harvest opportunity and another chance to come and hang out on the Klesick Family Farm and get your hands dirty in a non-pesticide/herbicide/any kind of “cide” environment. This is a simple, low-key opportunity to harvest some squash, not a farm festival like our August event. We will have Cinderella and Sugar Pie Pumpkins, and Acorn, Carnival, Delicata and Kabocha Squashes.
Being a farm that doesn’t use synthetic chemicals is important to us. Our kids live here and play here, and Joelle and I don’t want to have to worry about when chemicals were applied or residuals left on a crop. The only thing my kiddos need to learn about living on a farm is that tractors need to be respected and so does the hot wire. With the tractors we pay attention to where the children are, but they usually figure out which wires are “hot” on their own ☺. 
With that said, Joelle and I are eager to host you and your family and others from the community for a simple harvest event. Good clean fun and good clean food. Now that is a recipe for health!
I hope to see you Friday and Saturday!