Your Journey to Fresh Organic Produce Begins Here!

You have the freedom to choose!

Box From Our Menu

Each week, we determine what will be included in the boxes. That menu can be found online and gives you an idea of what you’ll be receiving. We always change up the items each week, that way you will get the variety you deserve!

Custom Box

If purchasing a box from our preset menu isn’t your thing, feel free to order whatever you like! Ordering custom gives you the freedom to pick and choose what you want. You can combine the two and add on some items to your box from the menu if you choose!

Great for Families, this box gives you the best variety of fruits, veggies, and salad items!

Best for Smaller Crowds! The essential tier boxes allow you to choose a combination of two types of fresh produce!

Check out our additional grocery items that can easily be added to any order!

Skip the trip to the store! Fresh local organic cage free eggs make the perfect addition to your box.

Additional Information

For a $1 fee, we make substitutions! If you or anyone in your family has allergies, dietary restrictions or a dislike for any produce item, we can make sure you will not receive it.

You can contact us to set up items that you don’t want to receive in your box. We call this your “Never Send” list, which includes all of the items we will never send to you regardless of what the online menu may say. Items can be removed from this list just as easily as they are added, so if you have a change, it can be made!

Our goal is to make sure that you are still getting your money’s worth, so we substitute items that have as close to the same value as possible. While we send you like-value items, we also aim to pack like items as well. In the event that you do not want a fruit item, we will make sure to send you another similar, like-value fruit in its place.

There are a few instances where delivery fees may apply.

We add a $3.50 fee on orders that are less than our $20 minimum requirement. Your order will still be delivered, however the fee will be applied.

There is a $2.00 fee for customers who live in Oak Harbor. Due to the distance between our office and Oak Harbor, we need to compensate for the cost of delivering such a distance away.

We also sell grocery items! You can visit our shop to browse all of the non-produce organic products that we offer for delivery as well. We sell anything from bread, coffee, tea, eggs, and so many more goodies that some would say you can’t live without! 

A select few non-grocery items are for sale also. Those would include laundry soap, bar soap, pizza stones, kebab skewers, and even some tomato cages to help out with your home garden as well!  

Along with our grocery items, we offer meat! 

We sell Chicken, fish, and ground beef. All of which are organic and as local as can be. These products can be delivered to you with your order and are kept cool with a freezer bag and ice. 

If you are looking for a bigger meat experience, we also offer meat shares. We have local farmers who raise lamb, pork, and beef for butchering a few times a year. You are able to purchase as little as a quarter, and up to a whole share of an animal. 

We deliver to each area one time throughout the week, giving customers the potential to have a box at their door as frequent as once a week.

To make ordering easy, we offer the option to set a frequency for your boxes. You are able to receive a box as frequent as every week, or as little as once a month. One time ordering is also available if you would like to choose different items for each order!

We do not require a subscription, but do offer these frequencies to further convenient our customers.

If you are going to be out of town and would like to skip a week, or would like to edit the date of your delivery, you can do so by selecting the deliveries tab on your dashboard.


We offer food bank donation boxes that are delivered to various locations in our delivery area. For $27, we will deliver a fresh box of produce to the food bank of your choice! 

We provide these boxes to food banks in:

  • Anacortes
  • Arlington
  • Everett
  • Marysville
  • Monroe
  • Mountlake Terrace
  • Oak Harbor
  • Snohomish

Every week, the food banks from Stanwood and Camano pick up produce to serve at their locations, allowing us to provide even the most local food banks with fresh fruits and veggies, even if they aren’t the most pretty.

We also deliver donation boxes to the Everett Recovery Cafe. The Recovery Cafe provides a safe place for people in all stages of life and recovery from challenges. They aim to serve those in need, and we love the opportunity to help them achieve that goal.

Our Delivery Area

Please verify your address below to make sure we deliver to you!

What Our Customers are Saying:

We look forward to receiving our family box every 2 weeks. I love that we can customize our home delivery order by adding extra goodies to our order when they send out a reminder e-mail with suggested picks of our delivery week. We love supporting our local farmer & crew! We love eating healthy with fresh fruits & vegetables! We love what they do for our communities! Thanks!

Monika Star

I highly recommend Klesick’s for a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables.  Always fresh. Always good. Also some very good recipes included in the box. And it’s delivered to my door!  Love It!! 

Denise Vertrees

My experience with Klesick has been wonderful! I love the flexibility and ease of being able to substitute items if ever there is anything we don’t need. The ability to pause a delivery is also very much appreciated. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the fruits and veggies are always fresh and delicious! Klesick farms has not only met but exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend their farm box delivery service to anyone who wants to enjoy delicious produce at a fantastic price. 

Donna Pereira

I’ve been a Klesick Farms customer for several years now, and I highly recommend this service to anyone who cares about his or her health and the health of our planet. The produce I receive is always of very good quality, and I like the fact that it comes in compostable bags instead of plastic. Klesick even reuses the cardboard boxes the food is delivered in. Without needing to drive to the grocery store I get delicious organic produce for my family. It’s a winning situation from every angle!

Beverly Hoback

I highly recommend Klesick Family Farm home produce delivery.  The cucumbers are so crisp that you can crack them in half.  Tomatoes taste like tomatoes and the lettuce is so fresh that it stays nice much longer than grocery store lettuce.  Besides the quality of the produce, you know it’s healthy and sustainable.  The website allows you to see what’s coming that week well in advance, and you can easily add to or change your order.  We’ve been with KFF for well over 15 years (could it be 20?) and have no plans to stop.

Mary & Roy Sebring

I look forward to my box (and my Italian parsley!) every week, and I would recommend Klesick Farms for a number of reasons. Because I get good quality produce, I can trust that it is good for my health, and the friendly supportive customer service. If they got any friendlier, we’d be related!

Iris Smith

Great Fresh Organic produce plus other products. Have enjoyed their variety and delivery and service for years!!

Dawn Clark

Great, fresh produce and amazing customer service. I’ve been receiving Klesick’s deliveries on and off for years and for the first time received moldy produce (a pineapple). I emailed them that evening and they were quick to remedy the situation and delivered a fresh pineapple the next morning! I’ve tried a few other produce delivery services and Klesick’s surpasses them all in both quality and customer service.

Andrea Ball

Seriously so in love with our box and getting produce from these folks. The case of chicken breasts is great for meal prep. Love that we’re supporting a local farm. The produce is amazing! I can’t say enough great things about their produce boxes! Oh and amazing customer service too!!

Jada Marie

Love having these boxes delivered to our door. Every box we get has fresh, tasty and ready to eat fruits and veggies. Other services we’ve used have sent older product that was already rotting but we’ve never had an issue with Klesick’s.

Scott Wetzel