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Summer Vacations

DSC_3267I know, from 15 years of running this business, that many of you will soon be off to your favorite vacation spot; loading up the “station wagon,” piling in all those kiddos and heading to the mountains, rivers, beaches, etc. 

Well, our team also knows that a few of you, after getting off the plane in Hawaii and settling into your condo, will slice up a beautiful ripe mango, take a juicy bite and then all of a sudden be gripped with panic. At that moment, you will realize that your box of good is about to be delivered to your home because you forgot to reschedule your deliveries! There is no need to fear, however, because we have a highly trained team to help you mitigate the potential disaster. 

Here are our tried and true best strategies to enjoy that stress-free mango:
1.    Order an extra box of fresh produce to take with you on your trip.
2.    Login to your account online and change your delivery dates.
3.    Call, e-mail or Facebook our office and we will make the changes for you.
4.    Leave a note for your delivery driver. 
5.    Donate your box of good to a local food bank during your vacation!

Donating your box of good is a great way to enjoy your vacation (wink, wink). Really, your delivery will be used to help a local family in need eat a little healthier, it will also help local growers and, of course, KFF. Another option is to donate the value of your box to our “Healing through Nutrition” program, where we use your donations to match discounts for other KFF customers who are fighting cancer and heart disease. Please contact our office if you have any questions about these options.

Even if you are not going on vacation this summer, you can still partner with us by ordering a food bank box or donating to our Healing through Nutrition program. 

Back to work on the farm,