Why choose local when it comes to the increasing options for produce delivery? 

The marketing has been loud from some national mega companies, encouraging consumers to purchase produce that is ugly or imperfect in order to address our country’s food waste epidemic. However, the source of our country’s food waste stems from our broken food system and overproduction. We already have a system set up to use blemished products. It goes to our food banks and is used for frozen goods, canned goods, pet foods, and every type of processed food you can imagine. Unfortunately, the feel-good messaging from the venture capital backed ugly produce movement will leave in its wake many local farms and small businesses. 

We’d like to encourage you to consider the long-term cost benefit of choosing to support local farms/businesses, the environmental impact, and benevolent impact it has in our own communities. Consider the Box of Good. 

Because of our passion to keep local farmland viable, the platform we’ve been given in our business, community involvement, and countless volunteer hours, over the years we have been able to play a pivotal role in impacting future generations, through farmland preservation initiatives, right in our own Stillaguamish and Snohomish Valleys. (Ask us about this if you’d like to know more!) 

The number of for-profit family farms is shrinking at an alarming rate! We need local farms. In the PNW consumer production farming in the winter is nearly impossible, however, the home delivery business model makes it possible for us to farm in the spring, summer, and fall and then source in the winter. This model keeps local farmland in production, which helps maintain future food security. 

In addition to farming in this community, we are honored to partner with our customers to help meet the needs of those experiencing financial hardship. Before we started donating to our local food bank, 23 years ago, they told us that they only had canned goods for their customers, and a few, barely edible, produce items. Our imperfect produce goes to the food bank twice a week, and we also have customers who donate delivery boxes. We do give some trimmings to local animal farmers and we also compost in order to provide additional soil nutrients for next year’s crops! NOTHING goes to waste! And, last year alone, we were able to donate over $32,000 worth of high-quality organic produce to 12 local food banks, with the help of our customers! 

Included in the Box of Good is our weekly newsletter including information about our own farm, farming and land use issues, PNW agriculture, understanding our government food policies, nutrition, the how and why of healthy eating, inspiration for healthy living, recipes and tips for preparing your produce.  We love sharing our passion for farming and health! 

Our produce is always certified organic because that’s what we believe in!  When ordering from Klesick’s you can be assured that your produce will be fresh, carefully selected, and handled with care, both in our packing facility and in our own delivery vans, while on route to your home. Orders can be simply placed online, or our helpful office staff is available to work with you to create the perfect box for your family.  We are always happy to address any concerns or answer any questions! 

At Klesick’s we offer high quality/nutrient dense home-delivered organic produce at competitive pricing!  We are a local farm and a local business with a heart for the people and the community we live in. We are honored when you choose us to supply you with not just a box of produce, but with a Box of Good!