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The Recipe Box Gets A Makeover!


For darn near 20 years Klesick Farms has been helping folks just like you eat better and feel better. I remember when organic was just an idea where the proponents were those who most likely did not use deodorant or shave. Well, fast forward 30 years and we now find that organics is big business. You can find organic food at Walmart and Marshall’s, as well as farmer’s markets and home delivery companies. One thing is clear, consumers want organic food and the business community has made it as easy as possible to find, purchase and eat organically.

We started a home delivery company so we could get our produce directly to consumers and help busy families eat better. But we have come a long way since those early days. Our first boxes of good food were named Small, Medium and Large. Today these boxes are known as Small, Family and Harvest. We also have an Essentials line with four boxes. Then we have the Recipe, Fruit, Vegetable, Northwest, Juice Cleanse and Juicer’s Assortment, and even the option for you to create your own box. With all of this, and the ability to order organic groceries, grass-fed meats, wild salmon or coffee for delivery right to your doorstep, we have made eating healthy as easy as pie (or quiche).

And now we are expanding our Recipe Box category! The Recipe Box option gives our customers the convenience of ordering a box that contains all the main ingredients necessary to prepare a healthy main course for about four people. Starting this week, customers can now select between 20 of our favorite Recipe Box recipes. There are breakfast recipe boxes and dinner recipe boxes, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian boxes. And more importantly, you can order whichever recipe your family loves or multiple recipe boxes. You can even order a recipe box in addition to your regular order of a Family or Small Box. And just because we can, we will be adding recipes and seasonality to the category to spice it up! Check out our new recipe assortment here.

Yes, a lot has changed since I started farming and delivering our produce, but one thing hasn’t – our commitment to your health, the environment and customer service! 

Bon appétit

Farmer Tristan

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The Recipe Box: Chopped Kale Salad + Creamy Almond Ginger Dressing

salad_kale chopped2_edibleperspective.com_used by permission

This week’s recipe box features the ingredients for a recipe from Ashley McLaughlin, the person behind the inspiring blog over at Edible Perspective. I was looking for a recipe to feature the local kale we’d be getting in this week from our friends over at Ralph’s Greenhouses, and came across this one for a chopped kale salad paired with a creamy dressing – a fresh change up from the usual steamed or sautéed kale recipes.

Ashley’s salad starts out with the simple step of steaming and blanching asparagus, and then incorporates a healthy variety of textures and flavors in the form of more finely chopped (mostly raw) veggies. She then tops it all off with protein-rich quinoa and chickpeas, a creamy almond dressing infused with ginger, and finally some marinated Portabella mushrooms. Add a sprinkling of sesame seeds if you will. This is a very filling and satisfying weeknight meal. You can find the full recipe on her blog.


The Recipe BoxWe’ll plan, pack, and deliver…you cook and enjoy!

This box contains a recipe and all of the ingredients you will need for assembling a healthy meal for 4 people plus some additional fruit to enjoy.

This week’s featured recipe: Chopped Kale Salad + Creamy Almond Ginger Dressing

Chopped kale & cabbage covered in a creamy dressing (we’ve included directions for an almond dressing), and topped with marinated portabella mushrooms, more veggies, and chick peas. Trust us, it’s delish! Order your Recipe Box here.

Happy salad fixing!

Marty, for the Klesick Family Farm


Photos: Copyright © 2013, [Edible Perspective]. All rights reserved. Used by permission.