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It is Getting Closer!

We are slowly working our way towards the starting line. We just planted some sugar snap peas that will be transplanted mid-March, we are finishing up on the last minute maintenance that needs to be done on our equipment, we are checking seed supplies, and we will be “pulling” soil samples in the next few weeks.

The soil sampling is important. It helps us monitor nutrients in our soil and know what organic nutrients we need to order for our crops. We also take leaf samples throughout the growing season to check how well the plants are absorbing the nutrients from the soil. Based on the soil and leaf tests, I will foliar feed my crops to give them some extra nutrition.

You might be saying to yourself that is a lot of “fussing” over nutrients. So what’s all the “fuss” over soil and plant health really about? It is about you! Growing food for you is a privilege, and I want the food I grow for you to help you live a vibrant and healthy life. And food grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides is better for you, the farmer, and the environment. But food grown with nutrition at its foundation is the prize! And that is what I grow for you – nutrient rich food. Bon Appétit!

But I have another prize for the next two weeks!

We are running a Share the Good Food campaign for the next two weeks.* We have teamed up with Theo Chocolate to offer a month’s worth of their 70% organic dark chocolate for every one of your friends who signs up for a box of good food. And as a thank you for referring your friend, I will send you a month of Theo dark chocolate with each of your deliveries, too. A month of free chocolate for you and your friends—now that is worth sharing!

*If a friend you refer signs up for delivery between 2/28-3/13, you will both receive a bar of chocolate with each of your deliveries that fall within the next four-week period, starting with when your friend signs up for delivery. The more friends you refer, the more chocolate you receive!



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Chocolate, the Poetry of Love

Capture your Valentine’s heart with the elegance of Theo Chocolate, the exquisite Breadfarm’s cookies or a combination of both in The Essential Chocolate assortment!

Theo’s Casanova Caramel Collection – $8.80 – $26.40

Theo’s exquisite Casanova Caramel Collections will have you swooning as you explore each elegant flavor. Each caramel possesses a unique aphrodisiac quality, so share with that special someone! These collections contain: Ginger Rose Caramel, Honey Saffron Caramel, Grey Salted Vanilla Milk Caramel, and Lavender Caramel.

Casanova Caramel  – 4 piece box: $8.80

Casanova Caramel  – 12 piece box: $26.40

To order your Casanova Caramel Collection, click here.

Seattle’s own Theo Chocolate produces premium organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolate. As the first and only organic and Fair Trade bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the country, all of their ingredients are carefully screened to ensure that they meet their standards for social and environmental responsibility.

The Essential Chocolate Assortment – $22.00

Our own hand-selected assortment of chocolate decadence!

You get a selection of Theo Chocolate: one 3 oz. bar of Theo Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate, one 2 oz. bar of Theo Nib Brittle, one 4-piece box of assorted Casanova Caramels, and then, a bag of Breadfarm’s delightful little Cocoa Niblets! Comes gift packaged in a cream-colored box and tied up with a burgundy ribbon. To order The Essential Chocolate Assortment, click here.

Breadfarm  –  Chocolate Lover’s Cookie Box — $30.00

Only available for the month of February, Breadfarm’s exclusive assortment of premium hand-made cookies! Contains the following: Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Biscotti, Chocolate Thumbprints with chocolate ganache filling, and Espresso Shortbread – (approx 26-32 cookies). To order your Chocolate Lover’s Cookie Box, click here.

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