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Thank You

I still remember the day that Joelle and I made the bold decision to offer home delivery of farm fresh produce and started delivering to those first 50 customers.  In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago and in other ways it seems just like yesterday! And we are always excited to see another local family sign up and make a decision to take charge of their health.

The American food system is broken and anything but healthy. Political and profit motivation have left Americans sicker and sicker with each new generation. Many Americans prefer a pill to solve their health/dietary issues, whether it be a prescription or vitamin. Slick advertising campaigns selling us more energy or added vitamin C, E, Calcium, blueberries, cherries, aronias etc. enticing us to buy their products. Like that will make all the added sugar or fat in their blueberry muffins healthy and good for us! Anyone ever make jam at home and think, “WOW! 4 cups of white sugar to 1 cup of fruit.” That is certainly good for the Sugar industry, marginally good for the blueberry farmer, but not so good for us. Sadly, that is how most of the food industry operates – best for the manufacturer, okay for the farmer and not so good for us.

For the last 20 years, Klesick has stood for real food, grown without chemicals that adds value to your life. It is not easy being a small business and it is certainly not easy being a farmer, but it is a privilege. It is a privilege growing, sourcing and delivering farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables directly to you, giving you an organic food choice that is fresher and healthier—fresher and healthier for you, your family and our planet.

For Joelle, myself and the Klesick team we want to extend a deep and heartfelt thank you for supporting our organic farm, organic farming and the organic food alternative. Together we, you and the Klesick team, are sending a strong message to the large multinational farms and food processors that we value local farms, we value local companies and we value nutrition rich food.


Together we are making a difference.




Health Advocate and Farmer