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Thank You!

Thanks to your help, we donated 85 gift baskets to, or on behalf of those battling cancer. 

For each gift basket that was purchased, we added $5 to our Healing through Nutrition fund to help send good food to those battling cancer. That ads up to $425! Nice work, good food community!

Prayer update: Last Wednesday, we prayed for 200 people who were impacted by cancer. These names were shared with us by many of you. This was a humbling and moving thing for us to get to be a part of. Thanks to all who shared and participated in prayer for these individuals last week.

Each week we gather as a team to pray for customers that we know of who are struggling with a serious illness, whether it be cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other. If you or someone you know is struggling in this way, you are welcome to submit a name for prayer. .Click here to do so. 

Want to help someone in need? Partner with Klesick Farms and send them good food! 

Check out how you can easily donate through your Klesick Farms account, including sending a Thanksgiving Holiday Box to your local food bank, or, simply add $10 for the Healing Through Nutrition fund with your next purchase, and 100% of that donation will go toward sending good food to someone battling cancer.