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It is here, and we are here to make your Thanksgiving simpler and less stressful. For the last 20 years we have been helping families enjoy the holiday more by trusting us to source their organically grown produce and through meal planning, allowing people to skip the hectic store shopping. There are two specific events in which our home delivery really saves you time and measurably lowers your stress level: 1) during Thanksgiving week and 2) just before a predicted snow storm! Well, we got the snow storms out of our system and now it is time to brace for the masses who will be heading to the grocery stores.  

Years ago, before I was a farmer, I worked in retail produce, both small boutique and large produce departments. I could almost predict the weather based on shopping patterns—for Thanksgiving, hang onto your hats, that was a wild ride trying to keep the shelves full. If I was lucky enough, I wouldn’t have to work the register and those never-ending lines.  I much prefer the life of a farmer and delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, especially during Thanksgiving. 

Our network of local producers and suppliers allows us to get you the freshest ingredients all year and Thanksgiving is no different except we will be squeezing 5 delivery days into 3 days. Yes, it is a little crazy for us, but not for you. Sit back, place your order, and we will do the rest. 

Food Banks

Every week of the year, Klesick’s, with your help, donates 20 boxes of good to area food banks which is in addition to the “end of the week” produce that is still useable but not up to our quality standards.

 We also have an opportunity to partner with local food banks for Thanksgiving. The Holidays are especially difficult for families in need. We partner with local food banks because:

1. We believe that access to good organic produce is not a privilege, but a basic right.

 2. We believe that local problems are best solved at the local level. 

3.  We have the relationships, the network and distribution system to make a difference in solving hunger at the local level.

Please consider partnering with us this Thanksgiving by purchasing one (or more) Holiday Donation boxes and we will do the rest. We will send you a tax receipt in January for your donations that you can deduct from your taxes.

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