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The Stillaguamish River

The Stillaguamish River runs by my house and empties into Port Susan Bay.  Our river is much more susceptible to flooding than our neighbor to the north, the Skagit River, and to the south, the Snohomish River. So in a rain event like Saturday, it is not uncommon to see spikes in the river of 10 feet or more. With all the rain we had in September our soil is pretty saturated and an early flood would definitely take longer to seep into the ground.

These early reminders that flood season is just around the corner “kick” us into a completely different gear. We still have crops out in the field that need to be harvested, cover crops to plant, and compost to spread. Last week and the week before we harvested all the potatoes in our lower lands that are most susceptible to flooding. We will be harvesting the remaining cows later this month and put that pasture to rest for the winter. Everything is timing and if I didn’t live where it floods, I would have a completely different farming operation. But since I live here, I farm with the natural constraints of the land and the river.

Lately, we have been using our own potatoes in the produce boxes and for special orders. It so rewarding to plant, hill, harvest and get them into your boxes. This time of year we pretty much just dig them up and deliver them, so they will be somewhat on the dirty side. I would leave them as they are and wash them when needed. The extra layer of soil keeps them fresher. I am working on a washing facility for potatoes and beets, but that is going to be a winter project.

Since we are talking potatoes, do any of you have a recipe for potato pancakes? I vaguely remember eating them as a child.  I will have to call my mom and ask her how she made them. My favorite way to eat potatoes is anyway my wife cooks them. A few weeks ago she made zucchini cobbler and everyone thought it was made with apples. It was a tasty desert and a great way to use those zukes.

Thanks for letting our family serve yours, the greatest compliment we can receive is knowing that we are helping you eat healthy. It drives everything we do as company. It impacts how we farm, how we pack the boxes of good and answer the phones. I have the best team to work with and all of us get to work with the best customers.

Farming nutrient-rich foods for you,