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The Week Before Thanksgiving

The next six weeks are going to be brutal! For those of us who are trying to navigate the “Standard American Diet” (aka, S.A.D.) food system by making good food choices, it doesn’t get much harder than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s! And since the high fat and high sugar groups have hijacked our food system, it can be really hard to eat well. Thankfully, this Thanksgiving can be more successful than ever, if we implement a few simple strategies.

Strategy #1:  Avoid the grocery store! Most of you already are successful at this because you get a box of good delivered—saving both time and money

Strategy #2:  Avoid the middle of the grocery store—saving more time, money, and calories.

Strategy #3:  Practice, Preach and live Portion Control—preventing the “I ate too much” feeling.

Strategy #4:  Think about how good dessert will taste—helping you not eat too much at dinner.

Strategy #5:  Repeat strategies 1, 2 and 3 for dessert—making your own desserts or ordering them from us.

Sure this is a little tongue-and-cheek, but if we don’t have a PLAN for Thanksgiving and this holiday season, it will own us! And at our daily “weigh in” we will be wishing (and feeling) we had a little less to eat. And it won’t be the fruits and vegetables that did us in either! It will have been ourselves (don’t you hate the truth). Really, I am responsible for eating well, no one else. Yep, it comes down to the person in the mirror to make the choices. You can do it!

Holiday Donation Boxes
Consider partnering with us to alleviate hunger this holiday season. It is still not too late to order a Holiday Donation Box. Every week, we partner with you to get healthy produce out to eight food banks in our community, but at Thanksgiving we want to send even more good food to and through our local food banks. We make it ultra-simple: you order, we pack and deliver. And this season we are sending a Matty Ride Christmas CD, titled I would be fine with Christmas as a thank you for partnering with us.

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Tristan Klesick