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Think Canning!!

Summer is here and the local produce is coming on full swing! Unfortunately summer doesn’t last forever…take advantage of the opportunity and make up some delicious homemade salsa, tomato sauce, dill pickles, relish and canned or blanched & frozen green beans! You will be enjoying these savory veggies deep into winter, bringing warmth and memories of the summer sunshine! What’s more, this is a great way to ensure that the foods you feed your family don’t come out of  aluminum cans, with ingredients you cannot pronounce, from sources  outside the US. Once you taste homemade tomato sauce you will have a hard time going back to the store ever again!

You can even get the kids involved in preparing the veggies for the freezer or canning jar, nimble fingers are great at stemming green beans, and actually fit inside the canning jars! : )

Please contact us if you have any questions about quantities! We can often get case quantities of other produce items to you, ask!

Local Roma tomatoes: Ideal for making salsa, chutney, canning, and sauce! 25# box for $42

Local Green Beans, 10 lbs for $15.00

Local Pickling Cucumbers, 5 lbs  for $7.00

Dill, $1.50/small bunch (it’s young so has no seeds, you will have to use dried Dill seeds in addition to-this is all we could get organically grown!)