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Time to Make Some Plans

Is it hard to believe that it’s already time to be planning for Thanksgiving? Those of us in the farming and food business have already been planning for this major food holiday, but now it is time to share with you what we are “cooking up” on our end for deliveries.

Delivery Schedules:

For the week of Thanksgiving, all deliveries will be happening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Which means if your normal delivery day is Thursday, Friday or Saturday, your order Thanksgiving week will be before the Holiday. Don’t worry about it now, we will email and communicate the delivery changes well in advance.

Holiday boxes: 

For the Last 20 years we have been helping families with their Thanksgiving meal planning. This year will be no different, except, we have two ways to order your Thanksgiving items.

1.            You can either order the Holiday Box (with my regular order) or the Holiday Box (replacing my regular order). Either way, the Holiday Box is the same box, but inevitably Mike will be thinking about Holiday box orders that also have your regular boxes still being ordered. Many of you intend to order a holiday box and your regular order and conversely many of you intend to only order a holiday box, but forget to move your current order out. This change in how you order the Holiday Boxes, will make it easier on Mike to get your order perfect and make sure you get exactly what you ordered perfectly.

2.            The Holiday Boxes are available for the weeks of November 12th through December 2nd. The Holiday box is a popular box all month.

3.            You can also send a Holiday Donation Box to one of our 8 food banks that we partner with weekly and make this Holiday Season even more nutritious for a family in need. For each donation box purchased, we send out end of year tax receipts.

4.            And as usual, you can order all your Thanksgiving ingredients “a la carte“.

5.            The Holiday Box menu and prices are available below. 

Changes to the Box of Good Menus

Starting the week of November 12th, we are adding two new boxes of good and will be ending the Seasonal NW Box. The Seasonal NW Box will resume in May/June next year when the local farm season gets going again.

Our Essential line of boxes consists of 4 boxes: Fruit, Fruit/Vegetable, Fruit/Salad and Vegetable/Salad. These options have been very popular with many of you, but there are a lot of you that need/want more quantity than the Essential line has to offer. So, we are now offering the same options at our Middle Tier, which we are renaming the Family Tier.

The Family Tier already consists of the Fruit Box, Vegetable Box, and Family Box. We are adding a Fruit/Vegetable Box and a Fruit/Salad Box. The beauty in this restructuring is it will give you more options to tailor your orders to your families eating preferences. Of course, shopping online at is a great way to get exactly what you want, but many of you, also, love to get a box of good and leave the menu planning to us. 


Thank you,


Farmer/Health Advocate



Holiday Box Menu—$40

Granny Smith Apples, 5 each.

Green Beans, 1 lb.

Cranberries, 7.5 oz.

Garnet Yams, 2 lbs.

Satsumas, 1 lb.

Carrots, 2 lbs.

Breadcubes for Stuffing, 1 lb.

Yellow Potatoes, 2 lbs.

Celery, 1 bunch

Yellow Onions, 1 lb.

Acorn Squash, 1 ea.

Navel Oranges, 2 ea.


The Holiday DONATION Box—to Food Banks 11/17

Purchase a Holiday Donation Box for only $32 (reg. Holiday Box price $40), to be given to local food banks the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Last year 130 Holiday Donation Boxes were distributed and this year we’d love to have a greater impact!

The volunteers at the food banks have expressed again and again how wonderful and satisfying it is to be able to supply people with fresh produce.

You can order a Holiday Donation Box online or by contacting our office.