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Together we are making a huge difference

We are currently running reports on all the food bank, water well and holiday donations that you have given through Klesick Farms in 2015, in preparation for sending out end of the year tax donation receipts. I am completely humbled by the generosity and kindness of each of you.

Our partnership is a force for doing “good.” So far this year, together we have donated over 975 boxes of high quality organic produce to 10 different food banks. Of these boxes, 799 were generously donated by you (156 of which were the Thanksgiving holiday donation boxes) and 176 were donated by Klesick Farms as part of our customer donation matching program. We also send our “seconds”/culled organic produce to the food bank weekly.

The real benefit of our partnership comes from blessing others, blessing those who need a little extra help to feed their families and blessing those who serve them. Those acts of kindness are what makes a community our “box of good” community. But we are not done yet, as you can now order a Christmas Blessing Box for this holiday season and continue spreading hope! You can also still donate a box to the food bank option of your choice, and for every four boxes donated we will donate one extra.

In addition to the Christmas Blessing Box, we have two other great social causes we are blessing this holiday season. Crossway International and She Is Safe are two great international outreaches. Crossway drills wells in Africa and She Is Safe helps women escape sex trafficking. Both organizations improve the lives of women on the other side of the world.

The Klesick family personally knows both the area directors for these organizations and personally supports their work. These two organizations do some amazing work in some of the hardest areas in the world. Maybe I can’t go to these places, but I can sure help them improve the lives of women in India and Africa.

This Christmas and holiday season if you would like to join us in doing good, as a thank you we will send you the fun and lively Christmas CD from Matty Ride, I’d be Fine with Christmas, for any donation of $20 or more.

These are the hardest newsletters for me to write, as I am brought to tears thinking about our partnership with passionate people who care about the lives of others and organic food.

Together we are a force for doing good!


Tristan Klesick