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Wave of Good

A Wave of Good

On Friday, March 11, Japan was hit by the largest earthquake in its history. The 9.0-magnitude quake and tsunami swept away entire villages with walls of water more than 30 feet high, devastating lives and property. With this amount of devastation, the road to recovery will be a long one.

In response to this great need, Klesick Family Farm has partnered with her suppliers to be a part of the solution and send a Wave of Good to the people of Japan. Scott & Renee of Breadfarm, Gary & Lori of Middleton Organic Specialty Foods, Paul & Judy of Sweet Creek Foods, and Jerry & Barbara of Oils of Paicines have discounted the sale of their products to us and we in turn are matching their discount to send a combined donation to our neighbors overseas. We will thus be donating 20% of the sales on these vendors’ products, from now until April 29th, to World Vision’s Japan Quake & Tsunami Relief Fund. 

What You Can Do:  Join us in sending a Wave of Good by purchasing products from the above mentioned vendors (look for products denoted with an *asterisk). Not only will you be contributing toward World Vision’s relief efforts in Japan, but you will also be enjoying great products from some great companies.

For regular updates on World Vision’s efforts to help Japan, visit the World Vision Blog:


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On March 11, Japan was hit by the largest earthquake in its history. The 9.0-magnitude quake and tsunami swept away entire villages with walls of water more than 30 feet high.

“We are now facing the most tragic [natural] disaster in our country’s history,” said Kenjiro Ban, World Vision’s humanitarian and emergency affairs manager in Japan.

“I’ve served on disaster response programs in Kenya, Sudan, India,  Pakistan, Myanmar, and Haiti, and the needs I’m seeing in my own country are as bad as anything I’ve seen globally.”

As a child-focused organization, we will focus our efforts on responding to the emotional needs of children.

“We’re planning to see how deep the needs are in the affected areas and begin to bring relief to families,” said Ban.


Major humanitarian needs

A World Vision assessment team reached Sendai, Japan, within 48 hours of the tragedy and began exploring how the organization’s relief expertise can support the government-led response.

Many evacuation sites do not have enough food for the populations using them, and there are not enough blankets to cope with the cold winter season.

Priority needs also include non-food relief items, supplies for babies and small children, support for women, and interventions for children who are separated from their parents, including safe locations they can use, known as Child-Friendly Spaces.


Relief supplies headed for distribution

Truckloads of World Vision relief items that arrived Thursday are en route and will be distributed Friday in Minami Sanriku, a devastated town where 9,600 people have been displaced into 40 shelters. Japanese authorities organized the distribution.

Local volunteers who are students and teachers from a junior high school in nearby Tome city helped with loading and unloading the items for distribution.

The supplies are enough to reach 6,000 people. Items to be distributed include:

4,800 bottles of water

4,500 blankets

130,000 wet wipes for children

Response and funding thus far

A team of emergency responders have been mobilized and dispatched from the United States, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, with more on standby, to assist the efforts of World Vision’s Japan-based staff.

World Vision’s global pre-positioning response network, a logistics system that includes warehouses of relief supplies in Dubai and Frankfurt, is poised to ship urgent items to Japan as needed.

Please pray

Please keep in prayer the children, families, and communities left devastated by this earthquake, tsunami, and recurring aftershocks.


Help now

Each donation will help us rush emergency supplies like life-saving food, clean water, medical supplies, and shelter to those who need it most in the aftermath of the disaster in Japan.